Rather than just attending college fairs, our Southeast region hosts on-site career days

USA Civil Southeast’s on-site career day in January

In the Southeast, Skanska has developed an innovative model for recruiting new college graduates and interns. In addition to attending college career fairs, our Southeast team has recently begun hosting on-site career days, bringing groups of job candidates to our offices for interviews and to let them experience firsthand the Skanska culture (including going out for a jobsite tour). This in-house career fair also improves the efficiency of the hiring process, as managers can conduct interviews back-to-back in one block of time.

The most recent Skanska career day was January 11 at USA Civil Southeast’s Virginia Beach headquarters. Twenty students attended from the following schools: Penn State, Old Dominion, University of Virginia, University of Florida, Clemson University, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Purdue and Virginia Military Institute. After an overview of Skanska, interviews, lunch and meeting with new hires who were only recently on the other side of the hiring table, the student toured our team’s Elizabeth River Tunnels (Midtown Tunnel) project in southeast Virginia.

“The feedback was very positive,” said Paige Moreno, the human resources service coordinator who organized the event. “The students appreciated the time they spent here.”

Attending college career fairs still plays an important role, as that is how Southeast team members meet many of the students who are subsequently invited to the Skanska career days.

The January 11 Virginia Beach event was not the first time our Southeast team has held this event, though more students were invited than were previously. Smaller versions have been conducted in Durham, N.C., and Atlanta. Our Southeast region plans to continue holding this type of event.   

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