In New York City, collaborating to repair Sandy-damaged homes

Skanska played a major role in helping New York City recover from Hurricane Sandy.

In a fast-paced construction effort, USA Civil and USA Building joined forces to make emergency repairs to 2,100 homes in New York City as part of the city’s Rapid Repairs program following Hurricane Sandy.

The effort began last November and concluded in March, during which time 3,000 homes were evaluated by our teams to determine what repairs were needed. We then made repairs to 2,100 of those homes, such as restoring heat, power and hot water; removing water-soaked building materials; and temporarily repairing breaches in the exterior of homes to make them weather tight.

One thousand five hundred homes received new heat and hot water units. While most repairs were made to single-family homes, we also repaired 20 multi-family residences – of up to 73 living units – in the territory to which we were assigned, southern Brooklyn centered on Coney Island and Red Hook in northwest Brooklyn.

$75 million of work

About 70 Skanska supervisors led roughly 300 dedicated craft workers; the team worked seven days a week to make the repairs. Approximately $75 million of work was done over the project’s four-month duration.

“It was a great effort by everyone,” said Larry Gillman, USA Civil vice president. “They just dove in – people weren’t worried about titles or job positions.”

One of the most significant challenges was the intense schedule, which required work to begin only days after the notice to proceed. Fortunately, both we and our subcontractors have significant local resources.

“Our team overcame all the challenges they faced, enabling us to help a lot of people who really needed it,” Gillman said.

Click here for a link to an ENR New York story on the Rapid Repairs program, which includes comments from Rich Cavallaro, USA Civil’s president and CEO.

Ongoing help

Though our Rapid Repairs work has ended, our commitment to those communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy continues. As part of the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Meaningful Monday program – for which a portion of ticket sales goes to local charities supporting the recovery effort – we are donating 1,200 tickets to the July 1 game to the Coney Island community that was battered by Sandy. An additional 300 tickets to this minor league baseball game are going to Skanska employees, family and friends.

The Cyclones has special significance to us as our Rapid Repairs effort was based in the parking lot of the team’s stadium.

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