In Boston, teaching about construction careers

Albert Zulps, virtual design and construction director, teaching building information modeling at Brighton High School

As a construction and development company, Skanska understands the value of a strong foundation. This is why our Boston office has teamed up with Brighton High School for the 2013 school year to educate students about the construction industry – hopefully building a foundation for their future careers in development, design or building.

Through the partnership, Skanska sponsored a “power lunch,” “shadow day” and virtual design and construction (VDC) class for the students. During the power lunch, Skanska employees spoke with around 50 students on the wide variety of careers available in construction, including health and safety, IT and engineering. The shadow day gave students the opportunity to come to our Boston office and tour jobsites to gain a deeper understanding of our work. Finally, VDC Director Albert Zulps helped to install the BIM program Navisworks on the school’s computers and taught a VDC class in which he showed the students how to use that software to review 3-D models.

“The students were enthusiastic and picked up on the program quickly,” Zulps said. “It was really rewarding to see the students pay attention and apply what they were learning.”

Skanska will also be awarding two Brighton students with scholarships this fall. The scholarships were funded by a charity golf event organized by Boston’s Skanska Young Professionals group.


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