In North Carolina, being recognized for green leadership

Mike McNally isn’t the only Skanska leader recently taking a public stand to support LEED and green building.

In North Carolina, USA Building’s Steve Stouthamer and Will Senner helped lead a successful challenge this summer against two pieces of legislation before that state’s General Assembly: one bill would have rolled back energy-efficiency requirements for new commercial facilities by about 30 percent, and the other bill would have prevented the use of LEED on new state buildings because of the wood-sourcing requirements of an optional LEED credit.

At Senner’s urging, Stouthamer, a USA Building executive vice president, joined with other members of North Carolina’s green building community and sent letters to members of the General Assembly. They eventually secured a meeting with a few Senate committee leaders. Senner, an assistant project manager, even testified before the N.C. Senate Commerce committee.

“That [energy] code drives innovation in the industry,” Senner was quoted in the Charlotte Observer. “It creates jobs from day one.”

Our stance put Skanska at odds with the local chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), with which we normally agree.

“These are two good wins for North Carolina, for the people who understand the importance of protecting the environment,” Stouthamer said Thursday.

In appreciation of Skanska’s efforts, Stouthamer was recognized Thursday morning at a breakfast meeting of the USGBC North Carolina Chapter. But Stouthamer said Senner deserves the credit for Skanska’s work against these North Carolina bills. 

At a national level, the leadership of McNally, Skanska USA’s president and CEO, on green building issues includes writing a Washington Post op-ed in late June protesting the chemical industry for supporting efforts to ban the use of LEED in federal buildings, and later withdrawing Skanska from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over this issue.

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