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The new VDC Services support page

The Virtual Design and Construction Group is proud to announce the new VDC Services support page on the VDC internal TeamSite. Available to all business units, VDC Services – which have been expanded to include creating BIM models – are provided by qualified VDC professionals to assist in all phases of project work, including marketing, planning and operations. Our VDC Services include:

 Advanced Visualization: The Advanced Visualization group assists project teams in visually communicating the process of construction. Contact them early in the pursuit phase for assistance with virtual mock-ups, renderings, app development and more.
Project Support: When project teams need extra help navigating BIM-related issues, the Project Support team can step in on an as needed basis during any stage of the project.
• (New!) Modeling Services: In some cases, data-rich BIM models need to be created in-house or coordinated with our partners. Our Modeling Services team can create, edit or manage models for your pursuit or project needs.
• Custom Training: Individual projects often have special requirements or challenges that can only be met with customized training. In those cases, VDC staff is available to develop and deliver a custom training program that meets your group’s specific needs.

For more information on VDC Services, click here or contact your regional VDC director. (Please note: In order to get the best experience when using this TeamSite, please use Internet Explorer 9).

While the VDC Group’s services are used by all business units, USA Civil has its own BIM/VDC services team to directly support its projects and pursuits; Paul Pedini and Scott Albin are key points of contacts for Civil. Click here to view the Civil BIM OneSkanska page.

Thibodeau promoted to VDC manager of modeling services
The VDC Group is also proud to announce that Jeremy Thibodeau has been promoted to VDC manager of modeling services. Blending his experience in architecture, construction and consulting/training, he is supporting USA Building with developing specialized building information models on pursuits and projects nationwide. Thibodeau and his team can also provide support with creating custom libraries, establishing proper model management protocols, and qualifying and overseeing third-party model builders. Thibodeau is supported by VDC Modeling Specialist Jenna Keller, who was recently promoted from VDC intern. The VDC Modeling team is located in the Boston office and available to support pursuits and projects around the U.S.

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