Best practices to achieving Platinum

A platinum performance on this tower

The Skanska-developed and built 3009 Post Oak Blvd. tower in Houston recently attained the top Platinum designation under the LEED v2.0 Core and Shell rating system. Here, our team behind this 20-story office building shares some of the best practices toward achieving this green goal, including involving all key stakeholders, using a LEED consultant, being creative and securing green power points.

Here’s more detail on how they did it on this project, which we completed and sold last September.

• Be creative and pay attention to details: Early on, our team decided to pursue credits for which there was some doubt that they could be ultimately achieved. But the points provided by those credits proved key in pushing the project’s score into the Platinum category. Two examples of these credits are the outdoor light pollution credit, for which we changed the exterior lighting to accommodate the LEED requirements, and the water efficient landscaping credit.

• Emphasize teamwork: Reaching LEED Platinum requires input from the entire team, starting from the project’s inception. Everyone has to pull their weight, beginning with the design team and Skanska fully understanding cost implications during conceptual design. Also, our team found it to be a wise investment to bring aboard a LEED consultant; doing so reduced their paperwork, while they received further guidance on the nuances of the LEED certification process.

 Find and secure green power points: Green power is not always provided by the local electric utility. Our consultant was instrumental in helping us find a provider of renewable energy certificates that enable to support the renewable energy market.

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  1. Good news. Is there a central site depository for green and LEED info, including lessons learned?

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