Second contract award strengthens our Louisiana presence

Our second Louisiana project

Our Skanska Mapp joint venture has leveraged their strong performance on the $696 million University Medical Center project into a second Louisiana win: the $77 million Patrick F. Taylor Hall Renovations and Expansion at Louisiana State University (Skanska’s 70 percent share of the contract is $54 million).

Neither of these projects is construction as usual for the client, the State of Louisiana: UMC is the state’s first project using construction management-at-risk delivery, and they’ve been so pleased with that method that they had legislation approved to use it again on the Taylor Hall project, said Jim Clemmensen, senior project executive.  While the state had to go through a public procurement process to award the LSU project – three firms including Skanska submitted proposals – we were their preferred choice.

“The state is so happy with not only the CM-at-risk delivery method at UMC but also with how Skanska has managed that project,” Clemmensen said. “They really appreciate us.”

Still, we worked hard for the LSU win. The pursuit team built a roughly 4-foot by 6-foot physical model of the project that could be taken apart to show the inside of the building and the different phases. Rather than a BIM animation, our team opted for this physical model to engage the selection committee on a more personal basis.

“They got to actually feel and touch what we were showing them,” Clemmensen said of committee members. “During the presentation, the seven committee members got engaged in watching our superintendents use the model to explain how they plan to build the project.”

Another differentiator was that our team brought a Digital Resource Station into the presentation room to demonstrate how we use those stations and other technology to more efficiently manage documents and information, and how that helps us provide our clients with a smoother delivery process.

Finally, our low cost didn’t hurt – we were less than 2.5 percent below the second-lowest bidder, Clemmensen said.

This Baton Rouge project – for LSU’s College of Engineering – includes renovating the three-story, 306,000-square-foot building constructed in 1977, and adding a 126,000-square-foot addition. Construction is scheduled to start this November and conclude in June 2017.

The UMC project in New Orleans – Skanska’s biggest U.S. healthcare project – will wrap up by the end of this year.

Our team used this model to explain its approach.

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