Learning and having fun at Colorado’s equipment rodeo

How well can you toss basketballs with a Cat 328 excavator?

A Cat 328 excavator basketball toss. A 272 skid-steer loader obstacle course. And the 420 backhoe egg game. These were among the highlights of our Rocky Mountain District’s second-annual equipment rodeo, held recently for its three new graduate hires and four interns as part of their Skanska orientation.

After a safety briefing and overview of operating and inspecting each piece of equipment – led in part by Caterpillar representatives – our Colorado new grads and interns had a chance to try out and have a little fun with each of the five pieces of equipment. (There was also a D8 dozer to be used for a road-building activity, and a 966 loader for a stockpile moving assignment.) Through the rodeo, our new colleagues could experience the challenge of running each piece of equipment, and the importance of proper eye contact and communication.

Our Cortez team kept score on accuracy and following safety procedures, and door prizes were handed out to the winners, said Shannon Carver, human resources manager.

“It gives you more appreciation for how hard it is to operate those machines, and how powerful they are,” said Carlos Quispe, a field engineer who participated. “Because of that, I have even greater respect for our operators and craft workers.”

Added fellow Field Engineer Darren Elliott: “”Growing up in rural Nebraska, I have been exposed to a good amount of farm equipment. But being in the cab of construction equipment was a humbling experience all on its own. The equipment rodeo gave me a better idea of what it takes for our operators to run these heavy machines in such a safe and productive manner. The rodeo was a great experience and highly suggested for any young professional beginning their career.”

The rodeo was only part of the day: our new grads and interns toured our Highway 145 jobsite in Dolores, Colo., and completed personal development plans. Their introduction to Skanska continues, as each has been assigned a mentor.

Putting a skid-steer loader through its paces at Rocky Mountain District’s equipment rodeo

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