Supporting the families after the Wake Tech accident

Following the November 13th tragic bridge collapse in North Carolina, our Carolinas/Virginia office is collecting voluntary donations to help with expenses for the family of Jose Luis Rosales-Nava, the deceased worker who leaves behind a wife and three children. The donations will also support the families of the four injured workers: Carlos Chavez, Jose Hernandez, Omar Lopez and Cesar Vargas. Our Carolinas/Virginia team requests that all donations be in Durham, N.C., by this Friday, December 5. These donations will supplement the corporate support that Skanska is providing.

All of these donations will be given directly to the families to be used to meet their immediate needs.  Please note that these donations are not tax deductible.

Instructions for projects and offices:

1) Select a team leader to coordinate “from the heart” donations at your site.

2) Set up a central location for workers/staff to deliver their donations.

3) If asked, the intention is to distribute funds equally to each family.

4) If someone wishes to have their donation specifically directed to either Jose Luis’ family or to one of the injured workers, please provide an envelope for their use and make sure they indicate their specific request on the front of the envelope.

5) At this time, cash donations are preferred. Gift cards or other forms of donations are also welcome, but we will leave it up to the site teams to determine what they can manage. We assume gift cards for local stores such as Walmart, Target, etc. would be the most beneficial to the family.

6) Please remember that the incident is still under investigation and we are not speculating or offering any further commentary at this time.

7) Please arrange to have all of your collections complete by December 4 and delivered to the Durham office by December 5. Skanska’s Durham office address is: 4309 Emperor Blvd., Suite 200, Durham, NC 27703.

8) Direct other questions to Evelyn Hennessy in Durham: 919-941-7900 or

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