PCI Skanska presents at global Autodesk University conference

In a packed Autodesk University session in early December, PCI Skanska Mechanical Designer Tom Fuller co-presented a class about SysQue, an add-in to Autodesk’s Revit BIM/VDC design software that enables the use of highly detailed duct, piping and electrical components to create designs that closely approximate constructed conditions. Skanska was an early adopter of SysQue, and we’re expanding its use across our organization.

With SysQue and partner Building-Data.net, designers can model with materials and sizes based on actual manufacturer products identified by name and part number. Building-Data.net’s library contains more than 3.1 million items.

“By using real content, we can provide a higher quality, coordinated model that gives much better assurance that everything will fit,” Fuller said. “This results in less confusion at the job site and fewer RFIs.”

To better facilitate work on site, PCI Skanska continually adjusts its design processes to be more in line with construction methods. SysQue has been instrumental in these adustments, Fuller said.

Beyond Evansville, Ind.-based PCI, USA Civil’s Northeast Region recently started using SysQue. Our team at the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant on New York’s Long Island uses SysQue to create assembly diagrams for complicated piping systems.

“SysQue gives us an extremely accurate representation of pipes and pipe fittings, exactly how they’ll be put together in the field,” said Brian Gottlieb, mechanical drafter engineer.

Learn more

Click here to view a video about SysQue that features Fuller. Additionally, some key Autodesk University sessions – but not Fuller’s class – were recorded and can be viewed for free by clicking here.

Furthermore, the VDC Community webinar from 2-3 p.m. ET on December 18 will go over major Autodesk University highlights. Beyond SysQue, our colleagues will address reality capture, 3-D printing, drones and facility management. Email Shannon.Griffin@skanska.com for a webinar invite.

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