Check your unit’s third-quarter Seop forecast

If you are a Skanska Employee Ownership Program (Seop) participant, you can check the third-quarter forecasted performance of your business unit toward its annual financial targets by clicking here. Note that even if your unit doesn’t fully meet its Outperform target, as a Seop participant you are guaranteed to receive matching and dividend shares regardless of business performance.

Also note that Seop open enrollment is ongoing through February 28. During this time, you can enroll for the first time, change your current election, or make a lump sum contribution. Click here for the open enrollment website. (Your user ID is your first initial and entire last name. Your password is the last four digits of your Social Security Number.)

More than 8,500 employees from across Skanska took part in Seop 2, and for most of those participants it has been a good investment, providing higher returns than many other investment alternatives. Watch this video to hear what current participants have to say about the program. (You will need to scroll down a bit.)


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