And the winner of our quiz contest is…

We hope you found our Skanska USA leadership quiz to be both informative and entertaining! Out of those who answered at least 10 of the 15 questions correctly, the randomly selected winner of the $200 Skanska Store credit is Sean Silos, a project controls engineer from our Riverside, Calif., office. Here is the full list of questions and answers:

1. I have only had one job interview in my entire career. (Mike Cobelli, USA Civil president and CEO)

2. My mobile phone ring tone is the Monday Night Football theme song. (Rich Cavallaro, Skanska USA president and CEO)

3. I was a major in the reserve Special Forces. (Mats Johansson, USA Commercial Development president and CEO)

4. If I didn’t work in construction, I’d be a teacher. (Cobelli)

5. My first car was a 1971 turquoise two-door Gran Tornio that I bought for $200. (Bill Flemming, USA Building president and CEO)

6. My dream “bucket list” includes playing middle linebacker for New York Giants. (Cavallaro)

7. My first job was pulling weeds at a factory – and no I do not mean “landscaping.” I mean pulling weeds. (Johansson)

8. My biggest extravagance is my 120-inch projection TV. (Cavallaro)

9. My first job was a paperboy. (Flemming)

10. I used to play the flute. (Johansson)

11. My hometown is in the Hudson Valley of New York. (Reichelt)

12. My biggest extravagances are good wine and nice belts. (Flemming)

13. My dream job is hosting a show on Fox News. (Reichelt)

14. My favorite singer is Billy Joel. (Cavallaro)

15. My favorite movie is Top Gun. (Johansson)

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