Be proud that we build what matters

In an email last week, Skanska USA CEO Rich Cavallaro highlighted some of his major messages from the recent Management Meeting:

• Building what matters: “I spoke about the pride so many of us feel because we work at Skanska… because we get to build what matters. We develop and build some of the world’s most complex projects, both large and small.  And we do it while caring about our people, enhancing the environment, acting in the most ethical ways, and changing our communities for the better. I’d like to share a few images that I showed at the Management Meeting as they demonstrate – much better than I can explain – how our work makes a positive impact, how we build what matters. Check out the video link. Also this week, each of you will be receiving a copy of our new USA brochure – Building What Matters – which is our first brochure to cover all U.S. business units.”

• Skanska Strong: “The meeting theme of Skanska Strong speaks to our potential and reminds us that we need to stop thinking in silos and start thinking about how much stronger we can be when we all work together. While the phrase “One Skanska” still has its place when we talk about our global intranet and priorities like global collaboration, as I mentioned during the meeting I’d like us all to begin using Skanska Strong as the phrase that represents the next stage of our collaborative journey in the U.S. It gives us a fresh new start, a new attitude, new commitment, and a renewed mindset that we can together achieve amazing things.”


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