Biotech giant Genentech names Skanska Supplier of the Year for Portland-area site

Biotechnology company Genentech has named Skanska its 2014 Outstanding Supplier of the Year – across all categories – at its Hillsboro Technical Operations site near Portland, Ore., where the company mixes, packages and distributes medicines. We were selected for our team’s outstanding performance in delivering value to this site; being aligned to the site’s goals and strategies; and being committed to a collaborative process.

We are currently operating under a three-year sustaining agreement for which we handle all aspects of projects – from conceptual design through commissioning – as the construction manager/general contractor for all projects up to $500,000. We’ve had up to 20 Skanska people on site, doing such projects as installing pharmaceutical equipment; doing tenant improvement projects; and handling all sorts of emergency needs.

“There is no higher honor than to be recognized like this from our customer,” said Jim Link, executive vice president and Portland general manager.

Asked what aspect of his team’s work he’s most proud of, Project Manager Matt Hadfield said it’s been their collaborations with Genentech, all to better serve the client. One example of this is a weekly update meeting our team developed to help the client better monitor the myriad of projects they have us working on. Also, our team became authorized to provide subcontractor training that Genentech itself previously provided, such as relating to the gowning and other requirements for working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility – “That’s a huge help to them,” Hadfield said.

Looking ahead, our Hillsboro team will be working with Genentech to incorporate certain aspects of our Injury-Free Environment culture into their culture. “They’re very safety conscious, and they love our IFE program,” Hadfield said.

Genentech has much room for expansion on this site, and they just announced a $125 million expansion there. We hope being named Outstanding Supplier of the Year positions us well for future work.

“We have to keep up our momentum,” said Wes Winship, project executive.

Last year, our team working at Genentech’s South San Francisco headquarters won the Outstanding Facilities Supplier of the Year for Diversity Award from the global procurement department of Roche, Genentech’s parent company.

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