Time magazine showcases our efforts to create the patient room of the future

A view of the Patient Room 2020 that Skanska helped develop.

In this video interview, Andrew Quirk, senior vice president of our Healthcare Center of Excellence, talks with Time about Patient Room 2020, an effort by Skanska and other companies to develop the next-generation hospital room. This prototype includes a smart floor to detect movement (including falls), ultraviolet lighting to kill germs and a bed-side table with built in iPad to connect the patient to the outside world. (Click here to view.)

“If you get beyond the technology and the different look, it’s really empowering the patient to be more active in their healthcare,” Quirk said.

The Patient Room 2020 prototype is located in New York City. It’s made possible by a partnership that along with Skanska included NXT Health, along with other firms.

Quirk added: “The basic core of this was to start a dialogue and to make change in the industry. If we have one element here that’s incorporated into a hospital, that’s a success.”

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