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Have you tried our Safety Coach pre-task planning app yet?

If the crews on your site haven’t yet tried our Safety Coach app to assist with pre-task planning, Safety Week is a great time to start. In this story, we share how Safety Coach has helped our Philadelphia International Airport trade contractors exceed expectations on their pre-task plans.

On this project, a mechanical trade contractor needed to lift an air handler using a crane, a task requiring a pre-task plan in addition to a crane lift plan due to the potential risk of the task.

“The subcontractor was new to Skanska and didn’t know where to start filling out their pre-task plan, so I told him to check out the Safety Coach app as a place to start and that I would help him beyond that,” said Mark Redding, EHS manager. “I forgot about the advice I gave, then when it came time to review the pre-task plan he prepared with his crew, I was impressed and a bit surprised at the detail and level of thinking.”

The contractor told Redding he used the Safety Coach app and expressed how helpful it was. Redding said he continues to encourage trade contractors at the project to use Safety Coach and take it with them wherever they go.

Safety Coach guides users through hazards that may be associated with typical building and civil construction tasks, and lists controls to mitigate those risks. The app – which is available free on the iTunes App Store – is an aid for writing a pre-task plan, but does not replace the paper process.

The app can easily be customized and expanded to add additional hazards or activities by using the “Suggest a hazard” button, or by contacting your local EHS director. As more people provide feedback on the app, the better it will become.

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