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A project-wide safety meeting during Safety Week at Elizabeth River Tunnels in Portsmouth, Va.

Great efforts by our employees and partners made last week another successful Safety Week! From trainings to product demonstrations to motivational speakers to fun awareness activities like safety trivia, we hope you understand more than before that working safely isn’t optional – it’s how Skanska builds. The foundation for eliminating accidents is properly planning for each day’s activities, and adjusting those plans as conditions change. It also depends on us all realizing that safety isn’t just for while we’re at work – it needs to be how we all live our lives.

Now we must sustain that high level of energy toward safety. What can you do every day to improve the quality of activity planning on your site? At home, what are safer ways to do chores or tasks? Also, as this was the second industry-wide Safety Week, let’s keep the safety conversation with our peers going year-round at the Construction Industry Safety Week LinkedIn site – click here to access.

Safety Week highlights

Be sure to visit www.InjuryFreeEnvironment.com to upload photos from the week and to view those that others have uploaded, and also to read your colleagues’ perspectives on safety.

Additionally, each day last week we posted stories on our Constructive Thinking blog to share externally some of our thinking around safety, and resources to help others be safe. Here are those posts again, which you might consider sharing with your own networks.

• Improved safety, greater efficiency and more: What’s not to like about ergonomics? – by Jennifer McMullen, vice president of EHS. Click here to view.

• How technology is improving project safety – by Dave Korman, EHS director, and Albert Zulps, VDC regional director. Click here to view.

• Safety isn’t just for construction sites – This is a graphic illustrating ways that everyone can live a safer life (contact Communications for a printable version.) Click here to view.

• What can we learn about risks from pro cyclist Danny MacAskill? – by Paul Haining, vice president of EHS. Click here to view.

• This Safety Week, make safety part of your entire life – by Hendrik van Brenk, Chief EHS officer. Click here to view.

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