Safety Week, through the eyes of the media

Safety Week was prominently featured by a variety of publications, TV stations and affiliated web sites – that demonstrates the high level of interest and support we have for working safe. Here is a rundown of some of the best media coverage of Skanska’s Safety Week. Also, much about Safety Week was shared on Twitter via #SafetyWeek2015.

National: ENR features the kick-off for the industry-wide Safety Week. “It’s about good procedure and process; good culture; training, training, training; and visible leadership that you see here today,” said Rich Cavallaro, Skanska USA CEO. Click here to view.

New York: NY1 visited our Kosciuszko Bridge project in New York. “We’re in a high-risk business, but that doesn’t mean that people need to get hurt. We need to work really hard at pre-planning and making sure that people understand the operations so that we don’t put people in harm’s way,” Cavallaro said. Click here to view.

Washington, D.C.: FOX 5 visited our American University East Campus Expansion project, and speaks with Dave Coleman, vice president of operations. “Nobody gets out of bed in the morning and decides they are going to get hurt that day,” Coleman said. “But in the course of doing your daily business – sometimes even when you’re at home – there’s a five second decision that could cost you your life.” Click here to view.

Portsmouth, Va.: ABC 13 visited our Elizabeth River Tunnels project and spoke with Project Director Wade Watson and Senior Safety Manager Mike Pickeral. “If we see incidents that are happening, no matter how small they are… that gives us an indicator of what we need to improve on before it’s becomes an accident,” Watson said. Click here to view.

Nashville, Tenn.: Fox 17 visited our West Riverfront Park project, and joined 200 workers doing Stretch and Flex. “The idea is to get everybody talking and make sure that everybody knows what’s going on,” said Project Manager Kristen Heggie. Click here to view.

Gainesville, Fla: WUFT TV visited our UF Health/Shands Cardiovascular/Neuroscience Hospital project and spoke with EHS Coordinator Rick Shelton and others about Stretch and Flex, pre-task planning and more. Click here to view.

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