Virginia’s Bayshore Concrete consolidates operations as it expands capacity


Bayshore Concrete Products’ facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore has deep water access to the Chesapeake Bay.

Bayshore Concrete Products – Skanska USA’s manufacturer of precast concrete components for infrastructure and other projects – has completed a major expansion of the 90-acre facility it owns in Cape Charles on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. With increasing demand for the large, complex precast products this facility is best suited to produce, Bayshore will be winding down operations at its second facility, a 25-acre leased parcel in nearby Chesapeake, Va.

The upgraded Cape Charles plant allows for increased production and a more diverse product line. The expansion included improving rail access to better handle shipments of raw materials and finished products; enlarging the deep-water slip off the Chesapeake Bay to accommodate barges up to 60 feet wide, and increasing the lifting capacity to 550 tons per lift. And, by recycling more than 350,000 tons of concrete material, Bayshore doubled storage capacity.

“Now we’re better able to service larger and more complex projects,” said Chad Saunders, Bayshore’s vice president and general manager.

Bayshore is having one of its busiest years in some time in Cape Charles, with about 360 craft workers and 50 salaried staff making precast elements for the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, as well as the Bayonne Bridge and the Great Egg Harbor Bridge, both in New Jersey.

Chesapeake facility

The Cape Charles enhancements led to the difficult decision to close the 26-year-old Chesapeake facility, which focuses on concrete pile production. The Chesapeake plant was not well-suited to making the longer and heavier precast components that modern projects require.

Eighty-one employees will be impacted by that closing, which is targeted for the end of this year. We are attempting to find new positions for as many of those workers as possible, either at Cape Charles or Skanska project sites in the region.


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