Here’s how our winning Building What Matters teams will donate their $4,500 in earnings

Rebuilding Ground Zero in New York City. Being a major Habitat for Humanity supporter. Reducing travel time for Virginia commuters through improved infrastructure. And building homes for people in need in Tijuana, Mexico. These are the accomplishments of the four winning projects in our Building What Matters contest.

Each winning team – selected for the positive impact they are making on the people and places where we live and work – gets money to donate to a charity of their choice: $2,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $500 for each of the third-place winners. Two dozen inspiring Building What Matters stories from across the country were received.

Below are the winners, a description of how they’re Building What Matters and their chosen charity. We will soon be telling these stories – and others – in more detail in Coast to Coast and on our Constructive Thinking blog, and also in a video that we will share this fall.

First place: World Trade Center PATH Hall team, New York (Submitted by Paul Shapiro) – This Skanska Strong undertaking is rebuilding the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) commuter train station that was destroyed during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. “Some construction projects might’ve installed more than 10,000 tons of rebar, poured more than 60,000 cubic yards of concrete, erected more than 14,000 tons of Oculus steel, ran more than 22 miles of pipe, installed more than 250,000 square feet of marble, safely returned home more than 2,600 employees, etc.,” Shapiro said in his submission. “But no other project has or ever will matter more than what we’ve built at the World Trade Center since 9/11.” The team will donate their $2,500 to Tuesday’s Children, a charity that supports individuals – especially children – affected by 9/11 and other tragedies.

Second place: James Madison University team, Virginia. (Submitted by Jon Mannix) - To build Central Valley Habitat for Humanity’s next home, Skanska has partnered with our local trade contractors, the Habitat for Humanity student chapter at our client James Madison University and others to raise $30,000 of the $35,000 needed for this project. “We are just below the building goal and with the help of Skanska, we can go beyond the project fences and create a teaching environment where students and community members alike can see that our Skanska teams truly build what matters in the community and turn hope into reality for a family in need,” Mannix wrote in his submission. This team will donate their $1,000 to Central Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Third place (tie): Tijuana house build participants, Mexico (Submitted by Michael Cherry) - For the last two years, a group of Skanska colleagues from across the West have traveled to this small Mexico town to build a simple one-bedroom home in partnership with Corazon – our community development partner – for a family in need. This past June, 40 volunteers made this trip, with Skanska making a donation to cover all building materials. This team will donate its $500 to Corazon.

Third place (tie): Elizabeth River Tunnels team, Virginia (Submitted by Steve Meyers) - This project will expand capacity of one of the country’s most heavily traveled two-lane roadways through its centerpiece, a new tunnel tube below the Elizabeth River. Through our joint venture’s “leave it better than you found it” environmental stewardship, their efforts have resulted in two major Virginia environmental awards. Also, our team has been heavily involved in community activities, such as the annual Clean the Bay Day. This team will donate its $500 to Edmarc Hospice for Children.


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