Watch for Skanska on CNN and PBS

You may notice a 60-second commercial on CNN Headline News advertising a six-minute Skanska documentary that has been distributed to 100 local PBS stations. At any point, the PBS stations may air the documentary, which features Skanska USA CEO Rich Cavallaro. Click here to watch the video.

Topics Cavallaro addresses include:
• The need for greater investment in U.S. infrastructure, and how public-private partnerships are an increasingly popular option for helping deliver critical infrastructure
• The tremendous importance we place on safety, diversity, ethics and innovation
• Why values mean so much to Skanska

“It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it,” Cavallaro said. “Our North Star is our values. We expect everybody to work in a way that takes those values and puts them out front. So it’s important that people take care of our environment, keep our workforce safe, deliver quality projects, have no ethical breaches and ultimately deliver for our customers.”


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