University of Washington teams with Skanska to offer BIM certificate

In a move that further positions Skanska as an industry leader in virtual design and construction, the University of Washington is teaming with our Innovative Construction Solutions group to offer a BIM certificate. Mike Choquette, Skanska USA VDC staff development director, is teaching the 12-week online course, which is open to students and industry professionals nationwide.

“That UW has endorsed Skanska’s course content as the foundation of the certificate program speaks to the world-class level of our BIM training,” said Tony Colonna, senior vice president.

Added Greg Smith, VDC regional director in Seattle: “This is a game-changer for Skanska. It continues to position us as a leader in VDC, especially in Seattle and everywhere else as well.”

The weekly course begins September 29, and through it students will learn tangible BIM software skills and gain an understanding of VDC work processes, as well as industry context to decide why and how to leverage these capabilities. The course will be held 3-6 pm Pacific Time, and besides online there is an option to attend in person, in an on-campus lecture hall with a moderator.

Contact Choquette for more information, and click here to register (Skanska employees may use code skanska10 for a 50 percent discount.) Skanska will receive a 50 percent share of the program’s net proceeds.

This certificate has been in the works for about a year. UW is an important client of ours, and it came about as their Department of Construction Management contacted us as they were looking to develop an industry council to expose their students to more real-world experiences, Colonna said. We suggested a BIM certificate program jointly done between UW and Skanska.

Besides building projects, our partnership with UW has included several Innovation Grant Program research projects. Colonna said he expects the BIM certificate to lead to further collaborations between UW and Skanska.

“Teaming with the University of Washington is a great example of how Skanska is committed to helping deliver value to our clients beyond construction,” he said. “We are excited to deepen our relationship with UW and collaboratively move the industry forward.”

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