Take time today to become a Skanska owner

September is the final chance you have in 2015 to enroll or change your current level of participation in Seop, the Skanska Employee Ownership Program – click below for more information. If you are a current participant and do not wish to change your election, no action is required.

Click here to access a short video and other information about Seop on OneSkanska.

Click here to directly access the open enrollment website. Note that all enrollment and changes will take place online – no paper forms will be accepted.

Your login is:
User ID – Your first initial and your entire last name
Password – The last four digits of your Social Security Number

If you have questions about the enrollment website, please call Creative Benefits at 1-866-306-0200 and ask for Jane Hoban, Jay Rogers or Deena Wiczalkowski. If you have questions about the Seop program, please email your HR representative or Beth Stogner, Beth.Stogner@skanska.com.


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