New York City’s 7 Line Extension opens to the public

Two colorful overhead mosaics adorn the new station.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joined our team Sunday in opening the 1.5-mile 7 Line subway extension and new 34th Street-Hudson Yards station in Manhattan’s fast-growing far west side. Over this project’s nearly eight years of construction, Skanska-led joint ventures executed both the 22-foot-diameter twin-bore tunnels and, in a Skanska Strong effort, installed architectural finishes and mechanical, signal and other systems.

This is the first new subway station to open in New York in 26 years.

The new station brings notable features to New York’s subway system, including:
• Indoor air is tempered to cool it several degrees below outdoor summer air temperatures, but not cooled as much as an air conditioned space. This station is among the few in New York’s subway having this.
• Two inclined elevators – pivoted 30 degrees – transport riders, with these being the first in the subway system.
• The escalators are among the longest in the country.

Furthermore, trains traveling the extension move on low-vibration track – common in Europe – that uses concrete ties encased in rubber boots for a smoother ride. Click here for a video of the project.

Not your typical New York City subway station.

Our team completed the tunneling work in June 2012, five months ahead of schedule and under budget. Innovative aspects of this construction included the first double-shielded tunnel-boring machines to tunnel under the city while placing precast concrete segments to form the tunnels’ walls. Another highlight was that for the first time in New York City, a ground freezing method was used to harden soil to act as rock, aiding in the tunneling process. For such accomplishments, this initial project – for which we had a $1.1 billion contract – was named the 2013 Construction Project of the Year by the New York State Society of Professional Engineers.

Since August 2011, another Skanska joint venture has been working under a $513 million contract to fit out the new station with walls and architectural finishes; lace the tunnels and station with a myriad of wires and pipes for utilities and communications systems; place the tracks; and outfit four major ventilation facilities with all mechanical, electrical and communications systems. Both USA Civil and USA Building have been involved with this effort.

Here is some more information on the project from the New York PostCityLab and The New York Times.

Skanska has also played a key role in building the Second Avenue subway, which is scheduled to open in December 2016.

Our proud 7 Line Extension team Friday in the finished station.

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