In many communities, our teams make back to school possible

For D.C.’s Lafayette Elementary School, the trailer complex we built for students is just beyond the footprint of the expanded building.

Education is a key market for us, which makes summertime very busy for our teams as they race to ready both K-12 and higher education projects for the coming school year. Here are highlights from a few of those projects.

Our team is only starting the main construction for our $70 million Lafayette Elementary School modernization and expansion project in Washington, D.C. However, they were very busy this summer erecting a temporary school of 73 portable trailers on a softball field to accommodate the school’s 750 students, who had to vacate the existing building during construction. Some of those trailers were double-wides, which necessitated police escorts from the Capital Beltway to the school’s residential location. This work included erecting a structural-steel framed tent-like structure to serve as a cafeteria and gym, and running utilities to the trailers. Our team had only six weeks for all this work, but their efforts were recognized.

“Opening day was a success – beyond my wildest expectations,” Principal Carrie Broquard wrote in an email to our team. “None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary work of you and your teams. I know the last several weeks have been intense, and I’m not sure if anyone slept last night, but I cannot thank you enough for the work that you and your crews have put into our school.”

The renovated and expanded Commonwealth Stadium for the University of Kentucky opened to a sold-out crowd.

In Lexington, Ky., our team renovated and expanded the University of Kentucky’s Commonwealth Stadium, transforming the stadium with a new look and design that enhances game day experience. They expanded the stadium upward two levels with a new press area and private suites, and outward by 40 feet to make concourse and concession areas less crowded. The revamped stadium also features a coaches club, recruiting club and several outdoor patios. Over the final few months, our team and trade contractors worked incredible hours to make the inaugural game day possible, even as some outsiders were saying it couldn’t be done. Our team’s hard worked paid off.

“It looks great, and there was a sold-out crowd for the first game,” said Senior Superintendent Darin Magee. “Our whole team is proud of what we’ve done.”

As program manager for Auburn Middle School, Skanska was involved throughout feasibility studies, financing, design and construction.

And in Auburn, Mass., our team served as program manager for building the new 560-student Auburn Middle School. In this role, they were involved throughout feasibility studies, financing, design and construction. Senior Program Manager Neil Davis said there’s much to be proud of with this project: “Everybody worked together so well: the owner was great, the architect was great and the construction manager was great. Everything ran smooth because everybody had one goal in mind. It was a fairly aggressive schedule but with the team all working together it came off seamlessly.”

Skanska is quickly becoming one of the preferred K-12 builders in the Seattle area.

Finally, in the Seattle area our team completed the new Beachwood Elementary School at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This was the third school of this type we built for this client, and that repetition enabled both our team and the architect to refine processes: this project had very few requests for information and no change orders. “Each time we get better at what we do,” said Senior Project Manager Brian Urban. Our Seattle office has five K-12 projects under construction, as they are quickly becoming one of the preferred K-12 builders in the Seattle area.

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