Commercial Development’s Picard: Does innovation require a fracture?

Lisa Picard, a USA Commercial Development executive vice president and Seattle regional manager, shares her thoughts on how embracing risk can lead to innovation in the current issue of Arcade, a Northwest-based design magazine. Click here to read her article.

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this burning topic.
    A change will come and the world will be different in the near future. Either when it is too late – after a fracture – or if we collectively can get together and choose our better destiny. Breaking loose from being captured in a system is hard as an individual. But it seems to be equally difficult for decisions makers and institutions since little is happening. Let’s hope the Qatar meeting will be a turning point. And meanwhile do whatever we can as individuals to preserve oour living environment for our children the best we can. I started carpooling last week; a small step for mankind, but a big step for me.

  2. Carola,

    I find that the most important thing we can do, besides taking individual responsibility for our actions… is to share what our world looks like based on values of generosity (including as people of Skanska who are creating/changing the built environment – to hold this value); that is to say that we only need to operate from a space that isn’t based on our collective fears of not having enough, being enough… or the fear of change. I advocate generosity and gratitude as these offer a dynamic understanding. What does this mean in for business and our economy? I say we must all advocate that its not about SHORT TERM gains, but rather LONG TERM value.

    Thanks for your comment.
    Hold the vision.
    Hold the mission.
    Have purpose.

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