Get ready to celebrate Skanska’s National Diversity & Inclusion Week

Skanska’s national Diversity & Inclusion Week is coming soon! As we get closer to that week – October 19 to 23 – you will hear more about this year’s theme, “Breaking New Ground: Planting Seeds of Inclusive Behavior.” All of us, regardless of title or tenure, have the power to make Skanska a more inclusive place to work. And who doesn’t want to work in a place where they feel respected, valued and part of a strong, winning team?

To help your team plan a meaningful week, below are tools to get started.

D&I Week toolkit

This year’s D&I Week toolkit provides daily discussions and activities that build throughout the week. As you plan activities, remember to include joint venture partners, trade contractors, clients and community partners in your activities for maximum impact. Click here to access the toolkit.

D&I Week promotional items

D&I Week promotional items are now available through the Skanska Store. From tee shirts to hard hat stickers to inclusion bracelets, we have plenty of items to help you show and share your Skanska D&I Week spirit.

Be sure to order your promotional items by September 25th so they can be delivered by October 19th. In addition to general items, specialty items related to this year’s theme are also available. To order, click here.

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